The power of associate membership in the Bedford Women’s Club

Patty Lenza, professor of Radiologic Technology at NHTI in Concord, joined the Bedford Women’s Club in 2008 as an associate member. This category of membership allows women to participate in the club’s interest groups and serve on committees when other commitments prevent them from attending monthly meetings.

When Patty joined the Women’s Club, she decided to participate in the Couples’ Dinner Group and the Couples’ Sunday Brunch Group. This gave Patty and her husband, Bob, a chance to enjoy the camaraderie of other Bedford couples. They expanded their network of friends from the world of the parents of their children’s friends and their work world. It is not always easy for professionals to get involved in their community.

“Associate membership allows time to socialize and meet new people even though you are working full or part time. Having a career, being a full-time wife and mother often makes it difficult to leave time for ourselves,” Patty said. “Being an associate member enables you to meet new people in the community by joining the many and varied interest groups to fit into your schedule. You can do as much or as little as you want.”

Patty has a can-do attitude. Despite her busy teaching schedule, she finds a way to contribute one of her framed prints to the Time and Talent Auction each year. This auction is one method for the club to raise money for scholarships and charities. She also serves as photographer on the Public Relations Committee.

A co-chair of the Town Memorial Tree Committee, Patty helps put the spotlight on three deserving people who receive FIR awards: Friendship, Inspiration and Recognition.

Patty believes that we need to celebrate the qualities in people that are reassuring and act like lights in the darkness. As a teaching professional, Patty is used to “catching people being good.”

Patty comes to the Bedford Women’s Club from Dartmouth Hitchcock in Manchester, where she was department head for mammography. She graduated from the Mercy Hospital School of Radiography on Long Island in 1985 and obtained her bachelor’s degree in education from St. John’s University in New York. Patty joined the faculty at NHTI in 2003.

Patty said that as an associate member “it was great to meet so many women in this wonderful community. Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in our own little world that we don’t realize how much is valuable to us and how many ‘neighbors’ we have who have so much in common with us! I have found these women to be so welcoming, endearing and so much fun.”

With her belief in the value of a social club, Patty has changed her membership status. She is now an active member.

Nancy Herper is an active member of the Bedford Women’s Club.