Bedford Rep. Cebrowski challenges state budget process

Kathy Benuck’s “Tell It Like Is” series on Bedford Community Television will air two new shows, starting this week.

Cebrowski challenges state budget process

Airing on BCTV Channel 16 is a new “Tell It Like It Is” show in which Rep. John Cebrowski, of Bedford, talks about legislation that he has filed to revamp how the state’s budget is set.

Titled “The State’s Budget: Realistic Or A Sham?”, the show concentrates on Cebrowski describing the five-phase process by which the state’s multi-billion dollar biennial budget is developed and vetted.

It’s his contention that the changes he proposes will include good business practices and more common sense, and that those changes will give residents a more efficient delivery of state services, and optimum use of our state’s finances.

The fate of his legislation will be decided during the ongoing 2014 session.

The show can also be viewed online by going to

It can be found by visiting the Most Recent Shows section of the Issues category on the website.

It will be permanently archived on the Regional and State Officials pages.

Bedford resident tells story of appearing before U.S. Supreme Court

Starting Friday, Feb. 14, Bedford residents will have the opportunity of hearing a fellow resident’s account of the amazing experience of pleading a case before the U.S. Supreme Court on a new “Tell It Like It Is” show that will air on BCTV Channel 16.

Titled “Finally Getting Justice,” the show’s guest, attorney Brian Shaughnessy, relates the story of a true David and Goliath kind of battle, where an ordinary New Hampshire person battles a giant business, which then attempted to use the law to absolve itself of any responsibility or reckoning.

Shaugnessy labored nearly six years to bring the case before the U.S. Supreme Court, and in the end, won the battle for the little guy.

Shaughnessy is a well-known Bedford resident, and in 2012, was elected to serve as Bedford’s town moderator.

However, few Bedford people are aware of his stunning 2013 victory in the nation’s highest court. Now they can hear his story.

The show can also be viewed online by going to