Bedford police: Do not report casual bear sightings

Bedford police are alerting residents to the abundance of bears now searching for food after a long winter of hibernation.

The Bedford Police Department’s animal control officer, Officer Steve Paul, offers some guidelines regarding bear sightings.

Paul recommends that neighbors refrain from feeding bears or enticing them with suet, seeds of other food placed on bird feeders.

Paul said that if a bear is seen in a school zone or in a playground area, a call to the Bedford police at 472-5113, is in order and an officer will be sent to the location.

However, if the bear is seen in a backyard, a field, a wooded area or elsewhere offering little chance of an encounter, he stresses that there is no need to call in a report for a casual bear sighting.

For more information on bears, Paul recommends learning more from the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department by visiting