Interest groups for women’s club

All work and no play? Not in the Bedford Women’s Club

The Bedford Women’s Club is a social organization that gives back to the community by raising money for scholarships and charities, but the members also enjoy comradery and have fun together. Besides the general membership meetings, there are over 20 interest groups within the club that you may participate in. There are activities ranging from game nights to cooking groups to hiking outings. Whatever your interests, there are plenty of opportunities to have a fun with your fellow members.

Interest groups meet at various times throughout the day, and there are groups that meet in the morning, afternoon or in the evening. Some of the groups are small and informal, some are larger, but most groups are open to everyone. The interest groups may meet at a member’s home, or they may meet out in the community at the library, a restaurant, or some other meeting place.

If you enjoy playing games, there are groups that play Bunco, Mah Jongg, Bridge, Rummikub, Scrabble, and new this year- Backgammon. These games provide a fun way to get together and socialize, and they are usually accompanied with light snacks and refreshments. Those who are unfamiliar with the games are also welcome, as members enjoy expanding their ranks and teaching newcomers.

Food aficionados may like the gourmet food activities that the BWC interest groups offer. There are the Couples Sunday Brunch, Couples Dinner Group, and Lunching Out Group. Food and laughter abounds at these delectable gatherings. If you prefer cooking and the culinary arts, there are several cooking groups within the BWC as well. Most of these groups meet monthly at a member’s home. The hostess plans the menu while the other members arrive to do the cooking. After preparing the meal, everyone gets to enjoy the creations that may include an appetizer, soup, salad, entrée, and dessert. This is a great opportunity to develop new cooking skills and tackle recipes from around the country and the world.

For those members who enjoy outdoor activities and sports, there are groups that go bicycling, hiking, or snowshoeing. Other groups meet to play golf or tennis. These seasonal activities keep you moving and motivated and can be arranged with a quick phone call or email.

If you enjoy cultural activities, the arts, or if you have an adventurous heart, there are groups that go on outings to museums and historic sites. Many spur of the moment trips to the theatre or the movies occur throughout the year as well. These groups are a great chance to explore our local area with friends.

For those who enjoy reading, our book group meets monthly to discuss a new top seller or perhaps a classic novel. These lively discussions with friends are a great way to stay current with literature and to stimulate the mind.

There are also interest groups for those who have creative hearts such as painting, piano, and knitting. If there is an activity that interests you that isn’t already represented, you are always welcome to start a new group. Chances are if you enjoy that activity, several other members will also.

Although the weather is growing colder, the fall is heating up with activities. If you would like to participate, meet some great ladies and provide service to your community, please contact membership chair Terry Chapman at 472-3642.