Bedford painter is guest speaker

During the Feb. 2 meeting of the Manchester Artists Association, Bedford resident Patrick McCay will present a hybrid of a succinct set of slides on what he paints and why, and references the methods and materials he uses.

This slideshow will follow a critique of members’ work on a generalized format, meaning no one person gets 10 minutes, but rather that there is an overview critique/review with the work prior to being broken into categories. Members are encouraged to bring 1-2 paintings of their work to be used in the critique/review.

McCay is an Irish-born, Scottish/American painter. He completed his undergraduate and graduate work in fine arts at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. He holds a second masters in fine arts from the University of Notre Dame, Indiana. He also completed a post-graduate certification in education from St. Andrews College, Scotland.

McCay has been an active academic artist and lecturer with 25-plus years of experience at the college level. He served 8 years as the academic dean at New Hampshire Institute of Art. He currently serves as the senior faculty member and faculty mentor for the NHIA and is working to “get back into studio time for himself.”

Guests are welcome at the meeting at 7 p.m. Monday, Feb. 2, at the Bedford Library.