Wholistic Pet Organics is a long-standing local business

Business name: Wholistic Pet Organics.

Main location: 341 Route 101.

Phone: 472-3611.

Company website: www.wholisticpetorganics.com.

Date began business in southern New Hampshire: June 1998.

Type of business: Pet supplement company.

Business description: For almost 20 years, the Phillips family has been making the finest in Organic pet supplements right in Bedford, NH. All products are made in USA.

Owner: John Phillips

Manager: Ryan Phillips

Days/Hours: Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Number of full-time employees: 6.

Owner town: Bedford.

Owned business since: 1998.

Owner description: The Phillips family has been involved in the dog show circuit for decades. They are also heavily involved in local support of rescue groups.

What’s the biggest challenge facing your type of business, and how are you approaching it?: Understanding that organic and natural supplements are essential to a pet’s overall health. Having a biochemistry background we have done years of research supporting this.

What’s the biggest change you would like to see in the business climate in this area?: Larger presence and community of family owned products made locally.