Manchester’s streetlight renovation completed

MANCHESTER – Siemens and the City of Manchester are rapidly approaching the completion date of its streetlight renovation and it wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of IBEW Local 490.

The full project, apart from a few odds and ends, has finally been completed. The final install is 9,000 new LED streetlights. This results in over a half a million dollars annually in energy and maintenance savings, reduces energy usage by 60 percent compared to existing streetlights, and provides citizens with clearer lighting conditions to improve visibility and safety.

Manchester Alderman Joyce Craig, was instrumental in getting this project off the ground. "Manchester’s 9,000 LED street light conversion is the first of its kind in New Hampshire and is an important step forward for our city that will improve public safety and provide significant energy cost savings," says Craig.

Denis Beaudoin, Business Manager for IBEW Local 490 said, "The final cost of the project will pay for itself through the energy saving costs in about 5.8 years. Ultimately resulting in no cost to the taxpayer."

The installations are being performed by eight Siemens electricians, including seven local residents of Manchester, who were hired through the IBEW Local 490.

Joey Ientile Jr., a journeyman wireman and a IBEW Local 490 member for the past 15 years, is currently working on the Siemens project. "Throughout the duration thus far there has been an excellent line of communication between IBEW Local 490 and the Siemens crew out in the field," says Ientile.

He goes on to add, "It’s very important for Siemens to utilize the local workforce from not only the City of Manchester, but the entire state. This gives the local workforce an opportunity to make a decent living wage, which will be put back into the community and also benefits Siemens because they receive a professional and quality installation from a professional workforce."

Joyce Craig agreed and continues to support the local labor workforce. "From the beginning, it was critical to me that this project be completed by local workers and today I am proud to say that our own residents are leading the way on this important project. I look forward to this project’s successful and on-time completion and will always look to employ local workers on local projects," she said.

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 490 represents workers in the electrical construction, maintenance, and telecommunications industry. The IBEW Local 490 provides a varying array of benefits including health and welfare, pension and annuity to all its members including Ientile. "This organization has given me the ability to provide a professional and quality install to every customer we do business with," Ientile said.

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