2016 calendar celebrates historic homes in Brookline

Brookline, incorporated in 1769, has many homes that have kept families safe and warm for nearly 200 years.

Celebrating this rich history, the Brookline Historical Society and the Brookline Town History Committee have published a 2016 Calendar of Historic Homes. The 13-month calendar centerpieces these homes as they appear today in vibrant, full-color photographs contributed by Brookline photographer Donna Corey, with historical research provided by Brookline real estate agent Steven Russo.

The limited-edition calendar is available at many businesses throughout town, as well as Town Hall, the public library and the Brookline Historical Society’s annual Christmas tree sale, which is located at the Historical Society on Meetinghouse Hill Road.

A suggested minimum donation of $10 per calendar will help offset the cost of printing, with proceeds benefiting the Historical Society’s barn raising fund and the Town History Committee project.

The decadeslong mission of the Brookline Historical Society has been to preserve the rich history and heritage of the town by collecting, preserving and exhibiting treasures of historical and antiquarian significance. The society aids in bridging the past and future for students, archaeologists, educators and the public through published works, lectures, networking opportunities, displays and field work.

The society’s barn raising project reflects this commitment and its ongoing expansion of this valuable mission.

The Brookline Historical Society also has a wide variety of resource material and meeting and contact information, as well as a vast collection of contemporary and historic photographs available for online viewing at www.brookline

The overall purpose of the Brookline Town History Committee is to publish a comprehensive update to Edward E. Parker’s town history originally published in 1914. This update, scheduled to be published in time for Brookline’s 250th anniversary in 2019, will include historical facts and information from 1914 to the present.

Since its formation in 2013, the committee has been conducting audio-video interviews with local residents, documenting their stories and recollections, visiting libraries and researching town archives. Individuals interested in assisting in this exciting, meaningful and rewarding project are encouraged to share their ideas and talents with the committee. No long-term commitment is required.

You can also share your own historical accounts, special knowledge or facts about Brookline’s vast, unique and abundant history by emailing Keith at BrooklineHistoryCommittee@gmail.com.

Learn more by visiting the committee’s Facebook page at Brookline History Committee.