TFMoran supports food bank

BEDFORD – TFMoran was one of fifteen companies participating in the 2nd Annual New Hampshire Food Bank Canstruction Competition. The competition is a fun, creative food drive event that takes place during September for Hunger Action month. Each team designs and builds a structure of their choice using canned or packaged food items. Once completed, the structure is judged and the non-perishable food is donated to the Food Bank for distribution to our neighbors in need. TFMoran’s structure was a rainbow themed "TFM" logo built with 414 cans of nutritious food, along with a macaroni-and-cheese pot of gold.

"TFMoran is proud to be a part of our community, contributing to a great cause," said Dylan Cruess, COO of TFM. "We are already looking forward to the 2016 Canstruction Competition."