Hardware is back in Bedford

Harvest Market is proud to announce the opening of a new Ace Hardware at the Harvest Market Plaza in Bedford. Ace is located next to Harvest Market in the space that was once occupied by Aubuchon Hardware.

"This is exciting to be able to bring hardware back to Bedford," said Dick Anagnost of Anagnost Properties, co-owner of the plaza. "I know a lot of people in the community were disappointed when Aubuchon decided to move out of the plaza this past spring. From snow shovels to bolts and washers, the local community will now have the convenience of having their needs in Bedford, without having to drive to a big box retailer."

"As a locally owned supermarket and a member of the New Hampshire based Associated Grocers cooperative, Harvest Market is very pleased to join with the owners of the Harvest Market Plaza to open an Ace Hardware store in the space previously occupied by Aubuchon Hardware. The new Harvest Ace store will offer a wide variety of high quality Ace hardware products as well as a complete paint department. Harvest Market is excited to be able to bring Ace, the number one convenience hardware brand to the town of Bedford," said Michael Bourgoine, president of Associated Grocers of New England.

"We are very exited about Ace coming to town," said Bill Greiner, who co-owns the property with a group of local people. "Between Harvest Market, Primary Bank and now Ace Hardware, people will be able to get everything they need without having to leave town."

The plaza is currently home to Harvest Market, Primary Bank, Bedford Cleaners and Subway.

For more information regarding this announcement, contact Tiffany Eddy at
tiffany@tiffanyeddy.com or 657-6471.