Majestic Theatre purchases Ted Herbert Music School

MANCHESTER – If you are a Manchester native, then you or a member of your family has most likely taken lessons at the Ted Herbert Music School. Or perhaps you bought your first band instrument at the former store on Elm Street?

Many people do not know that although the music store was sold to a chain about 12 years ago (and has recently relocated to South Willow Street), the music school continued to be operated by Mark and Marlene (Piasczeny) Herbert upstairs in the original building.

Ted Herbert’s has been offering music lessons to all ages since 1959 following the legacy of the Herberts’ father, local music legend and champion for music education, Ted Herbert.

For the past few months, The Majestic Theatre has been working with the Herbert family to purchase the Ted Herbert Music School. The result is a two-year financial agreement that is dependent upon the future success of the school, therefore allowing The Majestic to run this community school as part of its nonprofit mission with minor risk to either organization. As of Jan. 1, 2016, the Ted Herbert Music School is part of The Majestic Theatre.

The biggest benefit to this marriage will be for the community; by joining the Ted Herbert Music School with The Majestic’s mission to promote the arts in the community, it opens up a whole new set of arts opportunities for local youth and teens.

The Majestic now offers lessons in theatre, dance, and music (every band and orchestra instrument, voice, piano and more) for all ages and all experience levels.

Visit for a listing of current instructors and offerings. The instructors’ commitment to music education and teaching at the Ted Herbert Music School tops almost 200 years collectively.

The Majestic is excited to be able to expand its offerings in the arts in a way that is both attainable and affordable. Whether it be involvement in learning a musical instrument or in a theatrical production, The Majestic continues to use every available resource made to them to support arts opportunities for all ages, giving people the chance to put their energy and minds toward something that can indeed enrich their lives and the community as a whole. For the community – by the community – it’s why The Majestic exists.

For more information, visit,, or call 669-7469.