Council recommends ending residency requirement

Bedford Town Council Chairman Jim Scanlon, Council Vice-chairwoman Kelleigh Murphy and Town Councilor Chris Bandazian recently produced a show at BCTV on why the Town Council recommended on a vote of 7-0 to eliminate the town manager residency requirement.

The show is hosted by Dave Danielson.

The town council recognized that many communities in New Hampshire, and in particular communities the size of Bedford, have already done away with the residency requirement. By eliminating the need to require the town manager to live in Bedford, the council feels that it will help to enhance the recruitment, hiring and retention of a town manager based on qualifications and merit. It would also avoid excessive compensation to compete successfully with municipalities that do not require residency.

The residency charter change amendment will be on this year’s election ballot and the town council would appreciate residents’ support for this amendment change.

Times for the show, which will air on Channel 16, can be found on the BCTV website at

As a reminder, the town elections will be at Bedford High School on Tuesday, March 8, from 7 a.m.-7 p.m.