New American flag repository built for Bedford

Bedford resident Jack McCahill, a member Boy Scout Troop 414, has built an American flag repository for the town of Bedford for his Eagle Scout Project. The repository will be placed in the recycling center at the transfer station this month.

Before the repository was built, residents would drop off their old, worn flags in the transfer station’s office, where they would be draped over filing cabinets and chairs. The new repository will provide a proper drop-off point for residents to leave their retired American flags.

McCahill, a junior at Trinity High School in Manchester, recognized the need for a project of this nature while dropping off an old flag at the transfer station. He felt that the present method of collecting worn American flags was inadequate and could be greatly improved upon by creating a proper receptacle. He approached the transfer station’s foreman and immediately got him on board with the idea. After obtaining approval from the Town of Bedford’s Public Works Department, the project was constructed from sturdy materials and decorated in an American flag theme. He hopes that the installation of this repository will bring about a renewed sense of patriotism in the community while providing a respectful place for people to leave their old American flags.

The flags held in the repository will be collected by veterans and Boy Scout Troops throughout the year to properly dispose of them in flag burning ceremonies. When a flag is being disposed of, it must be properly folded and placed in a fire large enough to ensure the complete burning of the flag while the attendees salute the flag, recite the Pledge of Allegiance, and have a moment of silence for the flag. After the flag has been completely burned, the fire must be extinguished and its ashes buried.

In honor of Flag Day (June 14th), Jack and his Troop will be conducting a flag drive during which they will travel throughout the town of Bedford and collect worn American flags from Bedford residents. The drive will take place on the afternoon of Sunday, June 12. Any Bedford resident who has a flag that they would like to have picked up should email with their address by Saturday evening. All flags to be picked up should be left in a bag hanging from the mailbox.

Jack would like to thank his troop members who assisted in the construction of the repository as well as Lowe’s in Bedford for discounting the materials used. He hopes that the residents of Bedford will make full use of this repository for many years to come.