Troop preps for camps

Boy Scout Troop 414 of Bedford plans for another summer of adventure at week long Boy Scouts of America Camps. Scouts can attend one or more of the following Camps: Hidden Valley, Wah-Tut-Ca or Camp Bell. Each camp is different and they all offer adventure and various activities for the boys.

Hidden Valley is recommended for first-year and young Boy Scouts. Most first year scouts will obtain their Swimming Merit Badge at Hidden Valley which is a requirement for participation in other Merit Badges and activities. Hidden Valley has structured times set up for Merit Badge work in addition to free time for many other activities.

Wah-Tut-Ca is similar to Hidden Valley and also offers many Merit Badges – it is less structured and Scouts are responsible for getting to their Merit Badge activities. Both Hidden Valley and Wah-Tut-Ca have dining rooms providing breakfast, lunch, and dinner and camp stores for the purchase of snacks.

Camp Bell is different in that Scouts participate in activities in a Patrol environment. Instead of individual Scouts electing multiple activities during the day, a Patrol will participate in the ones the Patrol elects for the entire day. For example, a Patrol could spend a day:

? In water sports – water skiing, tubing, knee boarding, and snorkeling.

? Being a Mountain Man – learning how early settlers survived in the mountains including hatchet throwing and archery, making fires, and cooking their own mountain man stew for lunch.

? Learning equestrian skills – taking care of the camp’s horses for the day including a rides around the camp.

? Taking on the challenge of the extreme obstacle course.

This is just a partial list of the many full-day activities offered at Camp Bell.

Camp Bell does not have a dining room and each Patrol is provided the food for which the Scouts prepare, cook and clean-up for meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner for themselves and one or two of the camp counselors and the adult leaders. Camp Bell is for the Scout who enjoys working and playing in a Patrol environment.

Camp Bell also has a camp store for the purchase of snacks.

The Troop has two or more adult leaders with the Scouts at each camp.

Last year, 31 Scouts from Troop 414 attended one or more of the camps and earned a total of 88 Merit Badges.

Troop 414 won several honors at Camp Bell last summer. The Troop had two Patrols at the Camp – the Border Patrol and the Lightning Patrol. The Border Patrol received the Nightingale Knowledge Award and the Achievement Award for the best Patrol during their week in Extreme Lumberjacking. The Lightning Patrol won the Nightingale Award as the best Patrol in Special Services.

Troop 414 is sponsored by the Bedford Presbyterian Church. More information may be found at