Take ‘A Walk In their Shoes’ for Alzheimer’s Association

BEDFORD – Participants in this year’s annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s event, that took place Saturday, September 24 at Manchester’s Armory Park, had the opportunity to experience firsthand what their loved ones with Alzheimer’s may be experiencing on a daily basis.

Josh Freitas, author of the Dementia Concept, and Memory Care Director for LCB Senior Living, created a physical experience called "A Walk In their Shoes" Dementia Simulation. This simulation is directed by Certified Dementia Practitioners that guides participants through the challenges of compromised vision, hearing and dexterity which all affect our cognition. The purpose of this simulation is to create a better, more positive environment for those with dementia.

We all know how daunting it can be to care for someone with memory impairments, but have we ever really had the opportunity to "Walk in their Shoes" for a moment and experience what they actually physically struggle with every minute of every day.

"By participating in this simulation we hoped to be able to open the eyes and hearts of caregivers and family members so they can experience true empathy and love for those they care for," said Laurianne Deely, executive director at the Arbors of Bedford. "We are thrilled that we were able to offer this exercise and hope it make a strong impact on all those who were willing to participate today."

The Arbors of Bedford and all LCB Senior Living Communities offer "A Walk In Their Shoes" simulation on a monthly basis for any willing participant. Call 647-9300 to schedule a simulation today at the Arbors of Bedford.

Submitted by The Arbors of Bedford