Parking ban in effect through April 1

From Nov. 1 to April 1 of each year, no person shall park any motor vehicle on any public highway between the hours of midnight and 8 a.m. or at any other time in such a manner as to impede snow removal operations.

Any vehicle parked in violation may be authorized to be towed by the director of public works or their agents, or by independent contractors engaged by the director of public works or chief of police. Any vehicles towed shall be stored and released to the owner only upon payment of the cost of towing as established from time to time by the town council.

Any person violating the parking ban shall be subject to a penalty not to exceed $50 for each offense.

No snow on town roads

We would like to remind all residents they cannot place any snow or ice upon the surface of the traveled portion of any Class IV or Class V town maintained road during snow removal operations. Please inform your snow removal contractor they cannot push the snow across the road. This creates a serious road hazard for motorists. Any person violating the by-laws shall be subject to a penalty as follows: (1) First Offense – written warning (2) Second Offense – $50 penalty and (3) Third Offense – $100 penalty.


With the winter season soon upon us, here is a little friendly reminder for all homeowner’s regarding the care of their mailbox.

In general, all mail and newspaper boxes are allowed to be installed within the town’s right-of-way at the owner’s risk.

The removal of snow, maintenance of the mailbox and post are the responsibility of the homeowner. For proper location and any questions you may have, you may contact the Department of Public Works at 472-3070.

Submitted by Bedford Parks and Recreation Department