Sun Shui offers authentic Chinese cuisine in Bedford

When a business starts as a happy ending/new beginning, how can you go wrong?

Sun Shui, a restaurant in Bedford featuring Chinese, Japanese and Korean fare, began as the business venture of a former client of Marguerite’s Place, a Nashua nonprofit that helps struggling women with housing, education, childcare and employment opportunities. That woman sold her shares in the restaurant and has since moved to New York City.

The woman who now owns it, Laura Sun, is another successful woman known to Nashuans for her previous restaurant, Shanghai Osaka. Sun, from Beijing, and chef Wey Wong, who worked in Shanghai, brings authentic flavors and Chinese homestyle dishes to the menu.

Sun Shui is in a small strip of businesses on South River Road. The interior is open and spacious. My daughter liked the fish tank at the entrance, and thought the paintings of women on the wall over the booths were beautiful. The curved bar has ample seating.

My mother and I started with adult beverages. I went for a "when in Rome" theme, and everything I ordered that night was a signature item. I started with a Sun Shui cocktail ($8.95), featuring two kinds of rum and fruit juice; mom had a classic Pearl Harbor ($7.50).

For appetizers, we ordered the crab rangoon ($6.50) and egg rolls ($3.95) – the go-to, how-to-judge-Chinese-food choices for my mom and me. I love a good crab rangoon, and these were; pillowy soft with just enough crunch, well-stuffed with delicious crab and cream cheese filling. My mom is a big fan of egg rolls, and was glad the two giants in her order afforded her one to bring home for later.

My daughter had a light meal of hot and sour soup (small, $2.95) and an avocado roll sushi ($3.95). She was very pleased with the rich flavor of the soup and the clean, fresh avocado in her sushi. I looked over and it was gone in a flash. She also liked the crab rangoon.

Sticking with my "signature" theme, Mom and I shared a Sun Shui maki roll ($12.95) – eight pieces featuring tuna and avocado on the outside and a spicy tuna/salmon/yellowtail mash-up on the inside. We love sushi in my family, and Sun Shui has a large menu of offerings that beg to be explored at the next visit.

For entrees, Mom selected Buddhas Favorite ($9.95), a tofu and vegetable dish from which my daughter ate all the baby corns. Mine was the Sun Shui Seafood Festival ($18.95), featuring lots of shrimp, scallops, crab and white fish, vegetables and a light white sauce, all served on a sizzling platter. Despite all the other food we had beforehand, I ate the whole darn thing.

We had a very pleasant time at Sun Shui. Our server Kimmy was attentive and checked in with us often. The restaurant is classy and the authentic food is tasty and comforting. With such a large menu, Sun Shui is a place you can return to again and again, to enjoy something new.

Kathleen Palmer can be reached at 594-6403, kpalmer@nashua or @NHFoodand Fun and @Telegraph_KathP.