Bedford police remind folks to secure vehicles

BEDFORD – Chief John J. Bryfonski and the Bedford Police Department are reminding residents to secure their vehicles and belongings following multiple motor vehicle break-ins recently.

According to Bedford Police, numerous cars in business parking lots in the areas of South River Road and off of Route 101 had their windows smashed. In many cases, purses were taken from the vehicles and stolen credit cards were then used at stores.

In order to prevent motor vehicle break-ins, Bedford police are strongly urging residents to always lock their vehicles, even if it is in your driveway, and to never leave belongings, especially those of value, in the car or in plain view.

"The only way to discourage or prevent someone from breaking into your car and stealing your belongings is to keep anything that may be of value out of sight and safely secured," Chief Bryfonski said. "Please, bring valuables inside, or lock them in your trunk to prevent becoming a victim of crime."

If the public sees anything out of the ordinary or finds that any of their belongings have been stolen from their vehicle, they are encouraged to call the Bedford Police Department at 472-5113.