Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project presented

On Friday evening, Jan. 6, there was an Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Troop 414 Eagle number 109, Daniel Joseph Mullen, held at the Bedford Presbyterian Church.

More than 65 people gathered in the sanctuary to witness and take part in the proceedings. Scoutmaster, Ron Carvalho made the presentation of the Eagle Award and gave the "Eagle Scout Charge To Danny."

After the ceremony there was a reception held in Fellowship Hall, complete with an ice cream bar.

Project summary

For my Eagle Project, I built three 6-foot-by-12-foot raised vegetable gardens that are wheelchair accessible at Camp Allen in Bedford. Camp Allen is a facility that compassionately serves both physically and emotionally challenged adults. In recent years they have been striving to become 100 percent self-sustaining. These gardens will help them reach their goal by providing fresh produce for their meals during their busiest time of year.

In building the gardens, we specifically used natural Hemlock planks to build the gardens as it does not have any chemicals like pressure treated lumber that could possibly leach into the soil and eventually into the vegetables. We filled the garden beds with a full 10 yards of layered soil each. Initially, we put down a layer of sand for drainage, then a layer of loam and finally a layer of nutrient rich composted super soil for planting. The Hemlock planks will help the tomatoes, basil, squash, eggplant, zucchini, cucumber and peppers that we planted live longer by repelling insects such as ants and termites. The beds will be there for many years to come. They will provide activities for the campers who will plant, tend and harvest the crops to be used in the kitchens at Camp Allen.

Eagle Scout Biography

Danny Mullen

I was born at Elliot Hospital in Manchester on March 17, 1999, and I have lived in Bedford my whole life. I am the son of the greatest most loving parents in the whole world, Paul and Lisa Mullen. Most people don’t know this, but I have a twin brother named Chris. We are opposite personalities in every way but I love him just the same. I can’t imagine what life would be like without him. I also have an older sister Casey and a younger sister Sammi. They are the best sisters anyone could ask for.

I joined Boy Scouts very late, it wasn’t until the beginning of eighth grade when I was 13. My mom knew how much I loved the outdoors. She knew also, that if I became a Scout, I would be with others that love it as much as I did. She emailed Mr. Reeks and asked if I could come to a meeting to see what it was all about. I went to that first meeting and that very same weekend went on my first camp out. I LOVED IT! Then and there, I became a part of Troop 414 Bedford. I have enjoyed all my years with 414; the camp outs, hikes, cookouts, fishing and generally just bonding with my Scout buddies. I have made some great friendships that I know will be there for my entire lifetime. I have had so many fun and amazing experiences as part of this troop and met so many great people and mentors. My favorite thing to do as a scout is go to scout camp during the summer. Every year, I can’t wait to go. It’s a whole week filled with building fires, having fun and chilling out with my friends.

I really didn’t know what the rank of Eagle was all about until halfway through my Sophomore year in high school. That’s when I realized how important it was, what being a leader really meant and also how much I wanted it. So I put my nose to the grindstone and got to work on achieving my goal. That busy summer I achieved 23 merit badges on my journey to Eagle. I have held an active leadership position in the troop for the past three years. I still hold one today.