Students at Primrose School donate food for the holidays

Students at the Primrose School at Bedford Hills donated non-perishable food items recently to the N.H. Food Bank, a program of N.H. Catholic Charities, and Liberty House Inc., which provides a safe, supportive and substance-free housing community for American veterans transitioning out of homelessness. The food items were collected through Primrose’s annual donation drive in November. Many Primrose families and friends participated donating to the nonperishable food drive.

The drive concluded with the Kindergarten class taking a field trip to deliver half the food items to the N.H. Food Bank in Manchester. Students were greeted by many smiling employees at the N.H. Food Bank and received a tour of the facility. The children were applauded for their efforts and received a Certificate of Appreciation stating their donation of 315 lbs. will feed approximately 273 families.

"Primrose’s non-perishable food drive is part of the Primrose Promise Giving portion of Primrose’s Balanced Learning curriculum designed to help students learn the importance of giving back to their community through hands-on giving activities and projects", said Jim Barnes, owner of the Primrose School at Bedford Hills. "In November, children learned about the act of "Generosity"; Generosity is the virtue that inspires us to perform acts of kindness for others without the expectation of a personal reward for the effort."

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