E-poll book trial set for March 14

The Town of Bedford will be conducting an Electronic Poll Book trial at the Tuesday, March 14, town and school district election. Electronic poll books, also known as e-poll books, allow election officials to review and process voter information during an election but does not actually count votes.

E-poll books allow polling locations to put the entire checklist on the platforms thus eliminating the use of A-C lines, D-K lines L-M lines, etc. reducing voter wait times.

There is currently legislation in Concord, Senate Bill 133, if the bill passes it would allow towns/cites to utilize e-poll books at polling locations, waiving the provisions of RSA 654:34, RSA 659:55, RSA 659:13, and RSA 659:102, as they relate to manual entries on a paper checklist. However, for this trial, the provisions listed in RSA 659 will still need to be followed.

The purpose for this trial is to “test” the technology in a realistic setting, allowing officials to evaluate its efficiency, head off unforeseen issues and gain a better understating of its capabilities.