Bedford School District election results

As per HB329 – establishing a committee to study balance billing and authorizing municipal ratification of certain meetings and elections. At the June 12th, 2017 School Board Meeting the School Board voted in favor of the following motion: Board members Foote/DeAngelis made the following motion: Whereas the District’s Moderator postponed the March 14, 2017 second session of the District’s 2017 annual School District meeting due to a weather emergency; and Whereas the Secretary of State has taken a position contrary to the New Hampshire Municipal Association that RSA 40:4 does not permit a Moderator to postpone the second session of the legislative body; and Whereas the State Legislature has provided a special act permitting the School Board to dispose of the issue by voting after a duly noticed public hearing to ratify the warrant articles which were approved by vote of the citizens at the postponed second session voting, I hereby move as follows: That this School Board, having held a duly noticed public hearing, hereby legalizes, ratifi es and confirms all actions, votes and proceedings held at the March 2017 second session of the Bedford School District meeting, and further that this Board shall cause this approved motion to be posted in the same manner as the results of the school district election. The motion carried 3-0.

– Submitted by

Lori A,. Radke, C.P.M., Bedford Town Clerk