Library trustees request crosswalk

WILTON – Citing safety concerns, the trustees of the Wilton Public & Gregg Free Library have asked selectmen to add a painted crosswalk on Forest Street (Route 31) in front of the library and to repair the parking area beside Gregg Street behind the library.

Hal Levine, vice president of the board of trustees, met with selectmen June 18. Because Forest Street is a state highway, he said, “The request for a crosswalk has to come from the Board of Selectmen.”

The crosswalk would extend from the parking area beside the Stoney Brook to the library’s front steps.

The parking area on Gregg Street, Levine said, “is in bad repair and the pavement is crumbling. The storm drains are higher than the pavement.”

Selectmen agreed to write a letter to the DOT and ask Road Agent Steve Elliott to look at the parking lot.