Milford superintendent going part-time

MILFORD – Superintendent Robert Suprenant will begin to work part time July 1 after he officially retires.

Under a one-year contract with the School Board signed last October, Suprenant, who has been the full-time superintendent here since 2004, will work no more than 30 hours a week and no more than 160 days during the school term.

The arrangement will save the school district money, said board Chairman Paul Dargie, savings that will amount to about $65,000 a year, compared to the salary and benefits of a full-time superintendent.

“The board unanimously believes that this contract is a good deal for the district,” Dargie said in an email last week. “We fully expect that he will be able to complete the needed work in the hours available. While we all understand that he won’t accomplish as much as he would if he were working full time, we expect that all the important items will get done in the available time.”

Suprenant will collect a pension based on his 40 years of work in New Hampshire schools, including eight years as Milford’s superintendent. Legislation passed in 2011 says New Hampshire government employees who retire can receive a pension if they work no more than 32 hours of work in a normal calendar week.

There are 13 superintendents in this state who are working under the same kind of arrangement, Suprenant said in November, after the deal was announced.

The contract calls for him to be paid at an hourly rate of $80, allows for no accrual of sick or vacation time, and says the board will cover the annual medical coverage for a single or two-person plan until the superintendent is 65.

The current two-year contract that is about to expire calls for a first-year salary of $137,600.

When the arrangement was announced last year, Dargie said the board was pleased with Suprenant’s performance and called him “one of the top administrators in the state.”