2 options for reorganizing Milford Town Hall

MILFORD – Last week, architects presented town officials and the public with two options for reorganizing the Town Hall’s interior spaces.

Many of the building’s spaces are considered crowded and awkwardly configured, and the pending move of Milford Ambulance Service out of the lower floor will open up that area and allow for major changes.

Two architects from SMP Architects, of Concord, showed slides of possible plans, one with the selectmen’s meeting room moved to where the Planning and Building Department is now, and the other on the lower floor where the ambulance service offices and bays are currently.

Some of the goals for the project include making it easier for the public to find their way around, correcting the maze-like corridors on the lower level and providing more meeting spaces of various sizes, including a larger selectmen’s meeting room and small offices where staff members can meet with people when privacy is important.

“We see it all over New Hampshire. Everyone needs more meeting rooms,” said architect Eric Palson.

Also planned are a break room for staff with kitchen facilities, a way to control public access so most of the building can be closed in the evenings, a larger IT space and new heating and cooling systems.

The selectmen’s room would be larger and have a U-shaped desk and more audience seating.

The building dates to 1870 and was last renovated in the 1980s.

A warrant article for the work is expected to be on the town ballot in March.

“We want rock-solid pricing by the end of November,” Town Administer Guy Scaife said.