Chili Roundup winners from Milford Pumpkin Festival announced

The Chili Roundup is an annual Milford Pumpkin Festival event, and this year 25 people cooked up batches from their favorite recipes.

Volunteers served them on the Friday night of the festival, and judges decided which ones they liked best.

Here are the winners:

Judge’s Choice

1. Quatro’s Famous Anti-Gravity *

2. THE CHILI by Kurt Desroisiers *

People’s Choice:

1. Open Fire Cowgirl Style *

Runners Up:

2. Papa Jones Chili

3. The Red-headed Jesus

4. Kim’s Award-winning No Beans Chili in Beer

Tie 5. Hurricane Pride and Heather’s Potentially Award-winning Chili

Wimpiest Chilies:

1. Robust New Mexico Green Chili*

2. Thai One On

3. Uncle Bobby’s Aurora Classic

4. Papa Jones Chili

*Prize awarded.