Milford will replace ‘deplorable’ recycling building

MILFORD – Calling the office at the recycling center a “disgrace,” town officials are getting ready to replace it.

Last week, Celeste Barr, of Milford’s Recycling Committee, brought selectmen a proposal for a combination break room, scale house and mobile office.

“We believe there is a long-standing need for a new office,” Barr said.

Five staff members plus volunteers use the building, which she said has numerous structural inadequacies and no storage space.

The replacement project had been delayed because of uncertainty about whether the landfill had to be closed.

“Normally, we don’t build on a landfill,” said Town Administrator Guy Scaife, “but what we have is deplorable.”

A portable structure would cost $71,800 for a 60 by 14-foot prefab building on a concrete slab, Barr said.

Selectmen said the structure has to be replaced.

“The whole thing is a disgrace,” said Mark Fougere. “It’s beyond time to do it.”

The board still has to decide whether the money will be in the budget or in a warrant article next year.