Milford Traffic Safety Committee meetings on Phillips Way must be reheld

MILFORD – Meetings of the town Traffic Safety Committee to discuss a possible change in the direction of Phillips Way were not properly posted and the process is starting over.

At the second of the two meetings held Oct. 30, the traffic committee voted to recommend that the road, which connects Ledgewood Condominiums to Prospect Street, be left the way it is: as a one-way going into the condo development.

Selectmen Chairman Gary Daniels, the board’s representative on the committee, said someone took over the committee’s secretarial duties who was not familiar with posting requirements.

“It was not intentional. It was overlooked,” he said.

Another committee meeting was planned for Tuesday, Nov. 12.

Selectmen had received petitions from both the condo association, which wants Phillips Way to be one-way going out, and the residents of Prospect Street, who want it to stay the way it is.

Ledgewood residents say the current situation means they have only one way to exit, by way of Tonella Road, which means they have to deal with a dangerous intersection of Tonella and Nashua streets.

Prospect Street residents say their street can’t safely handle more traffic.

A decision will be made at the committee’s next meeting scheduled for 3:30 p.m., Monday, Nov. 18, in the banquet room of Town Hall.