Great Brook residents want respect, honesty

To the Editor:

Cardiff Management says that “the fact that roughly half of the condo owners attended the Nov. 18 does not mean that there is a problem with management.”

Are you serious? Cardiff management is obviously in denial. Furthermore, there were others that didn’t attend because they’ve thrown in the towel and some fear of reprisal. Last year there was a question whether there was a quorum. That’s how low the turnout was.

I am a former board member in good standings with Great Brook and know the back door shenanigans that go on with Cardiff. To make my point, I served for two years on the board. When it was time for re-election, I informed Cardiff that I was resigning. My two-year commitment was up. I was asked to consider staying on until after the election/annual meeting. If I resigned after the election/annual meeting Cardiff would be able to pick and choose a member of choice or leave it vacant. (What happened to democracy?)

Another issue that goes on at Great Brook is that certain owners are targeted. To cite an occurrence: A neighbor’s boat and trailer were towed from the parking lot at the cost of over $100.

Cardiff said it wasn’t properly identified. That was arguable, as his address and phone number did appear, but his name did not. He ended up calling it in stolen only to find out it was towed. That being said, it was reported more than once to Cardiff that another trailer was parked without any identification and not properly blocked. It was there for a minimum of three months and never removed. Why was that? I don’t know.

Last but not least, too many neighbors live in fear of Cardiff. In your article, Cardiff states that ”people want to cause harm.” What a ridiculous statement. Most if not all who live in Great Brook want to live in harmony. That is why there was so much hostility toward the manager.

This is a community wanting respect, transparency and honesty. Right or wrong, good or bad, the majority of Great Brook residents have voiced their opinion and it’s time for Cardiff to honor the community’s wish.

Richard Macdonald

Great Brook resident