Milford police sergeant named Mont Vernon chief

MONT VERNON – The Milford police sergeant honored for his actions after the 2009 Mont Vernon home invasion and murder has been named the town’s new police chief.

Sgt. Kevin Furlong will replace Kyle Aspinwall, who retired in the spring. Aspinwall had been chief since 2008.

The town had around 60 applicants, selectmen Chairman John Esposito said, and a committee whittled the number down to about three. Selectmen made the final choice.

The other candidates were all highly qualified, but Furlong “just seemed to stand out” as energetic and very interested in the position, Esposito said.

Furlong was the first officer to arrive at the Trow Road home of the Cates family on Oct. 4, 2009, after then-11-year-old Jaimie Cates called 911 to report the home invasion by four teenage boys. Her mother, Kimberly Cates, was murdered and Jaimie was badly injured.

Furlong, who broke through a locked door into the house, removed the wounded Jaimie and then returned to search for the culprits, was cited for bravery locally and in Washington, D.C., at a conference of national law enforcement officers in 2011.

But Esposito said Furlong’s actions in 2009 didn’t enter into their decision.

What he did say is Furlong did “what you’d expect from any professional,” he said. “He got the job because he’s a good police officer and highly recommended by his peers.”

Applications for the Mont Vernon police chief job came from all over the country and there was even one from Puerto Rico, Esposito said, although some lost interest after they learned of the high cost of living.

Furlong’s salary will be about $67,000, he said, and the swearing in will take place at the selectmen’s meeting Monday, Dec. 16.

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