Milford man gets metaphysical to heal

This unique member of the healing community forgoes the stethoscope when he works on his patients. His practice leaves out the pills and needles and replaces them with bare hands and crystals.

This is the realm outside of modern medicine that relies on what can’t be seen by doctor or patient.

Ryan McEntee can be found at Granite Grange Hall in Milford practicing this form of “energy healing” through his business, Resonance Wellness & Fitness Center. His patients lie down as he works to transfer universal energy through his palms and into the body using Reiki and Crystal healing techniques. Different colored crystals are placed on their corresponding chakras, centers of life force within the body, are also used to help harmonize the body, mind and spirit.

“The biggest benefit in my opinion is the ability to relax deeply. In today’s fast paced world we tend to forget to find moments of stillness. Those moments where we can completely let go of the anxiety of the day, go inside our minds and just be.”

Reiki was developed in Japan almost a century ago by Buddhist Mikao Usui to cure physical and mental ailments simply by improving the flow of energy within. The practice of using crystals to aid the process is common and used to stabilize that energy inside the body. McEntee actually started with crystal and gemstone sessions before practicing Reiki, which he believes improves his ability to help patients.

“I was frustrated by the lack of substantial training offered for both combined. It is common enough to encounter a Reiki practitioner using crystals in a session, but having a separate working knowledge of using crystals alone is important in my opinion.”

For example, stones within the quartz spectrum are the most common and easiest to work with. They tend to be amplifiers of energy that can help someone with intense emotional blockage bring that energy up for release. McEntee said he understands the extra boost the crystals bring to his sessions with overwhelming the energy experience.

This alternative healer began his journey at thirteen after reading every “Time Life: Mysteries of the Unknown” book that the Wadleigh Memorial Library had at the time. He crafted a pendulum with yarn and an old ring and began experimenting with manipulating energy. From there he dove deeper into the practice through crystals at a local metaphysical jewelry shop before discovering Reiki.

He achieved “Master/Teacher” status on his 17th birthday after extensive training through the three training degrees of Reiki. From that time forward he continued training in other modalities, but have found Reiki and crystals to be the most simplistic and powerful combination for healing.

McEntee has practiced almost 18 years and sees his techniques bring enhanced self-awareness and balance to the 1-10 clients he sees each week. Ron Weddleton of Milford is one such patient who has undergone six sessions so far, and has already seen improvements with certain ailments of the body and mind.

“I tried it once and really enjoyed it,” said Weddleton before lying down on the table. “It gives me a sense of self-awareness that helps with work, stress, health and everything else. It just gives me a recharge and I really enjoy the benefits it gives me.”

The spiritual boost has also worked on the user as McEntee uses it relaxation, clarity and healing in his own life. He combines his spiritual practice with physical fitness to encompass all aspects of health.

“As someone who has a hard time sitting still the fact that Reiki can provide deep relaxation, enhanced self awareness, and a balancing of the human energy field to produce shifts in consciousness rapidly is appealing to me,” he said.

Healing methods such as Reiki and Crystal healing are controversial in the scientific community as users struggle to prove the benefits of using energy. However, McEntee sees the evidence in the lives of patients he has treated over his career.

“The fact that what I do in regards to Reiki and Crystal healing is weird to the average person is not lost on me. It’s a blend of many concepts, both scientific and as a form of mysticism. My clients are occasionally surprised when I give what seems like a psychic reading after a session, but in reality it is from the study of how energy flows in the body and within the energy field of the human body. Through a study of the human energy map, you can learn to follow the best route to your destination of health, happiness and peace.”

This well-rounded spiritual approach to helping others is offered in private sessions, but McEntee sees growth in taking on more clients and group workshops within the metaphysical field. The cost of a Reiki and Crystal healing session is $30 for a session, which usually runs 30-45 minutes. The first session is free to get a feel for what the process is.

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