Milford traffic committee says condo entrance should stay the way it is

MILFORD – The town Traffic Safety Committee has voted again to leave Phillips Way one-way entering the Ledgewood Condominiums in Milford.

The same vote in October was considered invalid because the committee’s meeting wasn’t properly posted.

Condo owners had petitioned the town to reverse the road’s direction, saying the only other way to leave the development is through the intersection of Tonella Road and Nashua Street, which they say is dangerous. Phillips Way exiting traffic would have gone into Prospect Street, and residents of that road had told the committee it can’t safely handle additional traffic.

The vote, at the committee’s Dec. 9 meeting, was 6-0-1, with Community Development Director Bill Parker abstaining because he lives in the neighborhood.

The committee also voted to leave the speed limit on Prospect at 30 mph and install a no-through-trucking sign at the bottom of Prospect Street.

The committee’s actions will be forwarded to the Board of Selectmen as recommendations.

The committee also prepared recommendations on the safety of the Tonella Road and Nashua Street intersection, although they said a final solutions “would be expensive and not immediate.”