Some Amherst departments to move back into Town Hall starting Friday

AMHERST – Five months after workers moved out of their Town Hall quarters and into temporary ones, some of them are preparing to move back into the renovated building.

Offices of the town clerk, assessing and community development are scheduled to pack up this Friday, Dec. 20, and be back in operation in Town Hall at 8 a.m., Monday, Dec. 23.

Monday will be a short day, however, because Town Hall will close at noon for the holidays.

The other town office workers, however, in the administration and finance departments, will have to wait a week or so longer to move back.

Executive Assistant Torrey Demanche said those departments are on the second floor where the floors still need to be recoated, and there is no exact date yet for their return.

Rot in the roof support structures of the 1825-era building was discovered in fall 2012, forcing the building to close for a few days while temporary support beams were installed. Turnstone Corp., of Milford, completed the repairs.