First baby born in Milford

MILFORD – Luke Micah Lanctot is his parents’ second child, but he’s No. 1 in the state.

Born at five minutes after midnight on Jan. 1, Luke was the first baby born in New Hampshire in 2014, according to WMUR.

Luke came in at 8 pounds, 11 ounces and made his entrance at The Birth Cottage on Prospect Street in Milford, born to Jenny and Eli Lanctot.

Christmas Day was his due date, but Luke waited a week.

Now he is a big healthy boy who does everything he’s supposed to do.

“He’s a great eater and sleeper,” said his mother, in a phone interview. “He eats, sleep and poops like a pro.”

Jenny Lanctot has been enjoying some rest and pampering.

“Eli is very strict. He’s making me lay low,” she said of her husband, “and I’m enjoying my little bumpkin. We are definitely very blessed.”

Luke’s brother, Quintus, is 2, and “such a good big brother. He is so happy to see the baby, and then he runs off to play,” Jenny said.

The Lanctots are staying at the home of former Executive Counselor David Wheeler in Milford until their new house in Amherst is ready.

Quintus was born at home, and Jenny said she had hoped to have Luke the same way, but not being in their own home complicated that plan.

Jenny Lanctot is thankful to the staff of The Birth Cottage, which offers prenatal care, home-based postpartum care, preconception and nutritional counseling.

“The midwives are very accommodating,” she said.