Overspent road funds might be absorbed by rest of Lyndeborough budget

LYNDEBOROUGH – The year-end storms caused the Lyndeborough Highway Department to overspend its budget by about $27,000.

An additional $12,000 was required for salt and Road Agent Kent Perry said the “big snow storm took 39 hours of plowing.”

Interim Town Administrator Burton Reynolds said, “There is plenty of room to absorb (the extra costs) in the budget,” and “adjustments will be made in the new budget.”

He noted that the town spent more than $62,000 for salt last year.

Most budget projections are based on a five-year average.

Perry was given authority to hire another plow driver in emergencies.

Police Chief Rance Deware was authorized to hire one new sergeant and one other part-time officer. He is currently considering officers for both positions.

Deware was recently named president of the Hillsborough County Police Chief’s Association.

Fire Chief Rick McQuade said a new tanker is being looked for but “a new one won’t fit into the fire station.”

An article will be placed on the ballot to replace the fire station septic system. In the meantime, design work will be done and bids sought for various options.

Wally Holt will continue work on the town’s storage shed on Center Road. An alarm system needs to be installed in the old garage before it can be used. The building was acquired for taxes and the renovations approved at last Town Meeting.

The board voted to encumber funds from this year’s surplus to repair some gravestones, make some repairs to the basement of Citizens’ Hall, paint the hall and cover the Fire Department septic design costs. Reynolds said there is “about $90,000 left over.”

A portion of Gulf Road was approved for use by the Wilton-
Lyndeborough Wandereres Snowmobile Club.

The Board of Selectmen will meet again on Wednesday, Jan. 22.