Fundraiser set to save artistic Amherst business

AMHERST – An artsy Amherst business has to look for a new home after finding out the building it has occupied for almost two years is being sold.

Color Me Clayful, a paint-your-own pottery studio and family crafts center, will move out of its current location in Carriage Depot Plaza by March 10. This news came as a shock to owner Malene Hammerich when she was told mid-January.

“I was very disappointed,” she said. “I have poured a lot of heart and money into making a place for people to relax and create.”

Relocating this artistic operation is an expensive endeavor for a small business owner trying to succeed. That is why she is asking for donations through the online fundraiser website,, to help cover the cost of moving Color Me Clayful to another retail space in the area.

Her goal of $15,000 will cover the construction and moving costs for a new space, and also the money she invested improving the current one. She had already finished laying out new flooring and renovating part of the store for a community teaching space when the bad news came.

Hammerich said that business has been steadily increasing each month and she doesn’t want to lose that momentum. She has built a strong connection with the local customer base and the many families who have come through her door.

“I built this business from scratch,” she said. “In the morning, I walk in and look around the space and it is home, even if the building is not. The customers are my family and I cherish every experience we’ve had in this space. I want to keep that spirit, and my dream, alive.”

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