Principal explains FRES planned renovations on building tour in Wilton

WILTON – A small group of residents toured Florence Rideout Elementary School recently while Principal Tim O’Connell explained renovations being planned in an $8.2 million project to combine FRES students in grades 1-5 with Lyndeborough Central in a new building.

The former Wilton High School, now referred to as “the 1895 building” has been declared “extremely well built” by architects and prospective builders, but deep down in the basement are the iron pipes of the original heating system. New heating and ventilation systems would be installed.

The school’s attic, high up under the mansard roof and used in the past for everything from basketball to an indoor shooting range, is a depository of school history.

Names of classes and programs are written all over the walls. That history will not be touched in the renovations.

In the newest part of the school, an enclosed walkway from the old building to the gym, however, is a display of the newest art work, a third grade Plains Indians project.

An information session on the proposal will be held at LCS on Wednesday, Feb. 12, and walkthroughs of both schools will be offered again on Saturday, Feb. 15.