Questions about Wilton Lyndeborough school plan

We hope that at the public hearing tonight for the Wilton­ Lyndeborough Cooperative School District’s $8 million bond there will be a dissenting voice or two.

The plan to build a new elementary school in Wilton means the end of Lyndeborough Central School’s role as an elementary school, and we are not sure the School Board has made people aware of that fact.

The board, especially its chairman, has been very public about why it favors the plan and they certainly make it sound sensible. But it does disturb us a little to think that a town will suddenly no longer have an elementary school that has served it for decades.

We cannot believe that there is not another side to this issue. We cannot believe that every Lyndeborough, and Wilton, voter is in favor of this move.

There are dissenting voices, this we know. It’s just that we haven’t heard them and we need to.

In the end, every proposal that is approved is made stronger through facing opposition, because the opposition nearly always has a point of view that is at least partly legitimate and can help shape the initial proposal into something better.

Can the proposal for combining Lyndeborough and Wilton elementary grades in Wilton be made better? Perhaps not. But we won’t know until we hear differing points of view.

The discussion on the proposal begins at 7:45 tonight, Thursday, Feb. 6. If it is canceled because of bad weather, it will be on Friday, Feb. 7. The hearing is at the WLC Middle/High School.

We hope many people attend and we especially hope there is a dissenting voice, not for the purpose of disruption, but for the purpose of elucidation.