Woman charged in 2010 EMT attacks in Mont Vernon is back in court

MILFORD – An Amherst woman who assaulted two local EMTs in 2010 will be back in court this week after she was charged with criminal mischief and resisting arrest last October.

In the latest incident, Adrienne Valdez allegedly threw a couple of dishes at her father, Rumulo Valdez, on Oct. 13, and then resisted arrest when police came to the home at 2 Washington Drive, Amherst.

In 2010, Valdez, then 28 and living in Mont Vernon, was arrested on Memorial Day and charged with one felony and two misdemeanor charges, charges that were eventually dropped on the condition she remain under the care of a psychiatrist and a case worker, take prescribed medication and undergo therapy to treat bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The EMTs, Paramedic Carylyn McEntee and EMT Lynn Briggs, said at the time that no one had informed them of the plea deal nor had anyone informed them of the fact that the night before the deal was reached, Valdez had been arrested for the fourth time since May 31 – this time for allegedly attacking her brother with a knife – and that the resulting charge of felony criminal threatening had also been dropped as part of the agreement.

Then-County Attorney Robert Walsh later apologized for mishandling Valdez’s case, admitting to “acting too quickly” on the case, partly because he was eager to use Nashua’s mental health court and should have sought victim input and, he said, “made an off-the-cuff decision without reviewing the file.”

In October 2010, five months after the alleged attacks, McEntee and Briggs said they were still out of work and recovering from multiple injuries received in the incident and told Judge Martha Crocker they feared their alleged attacker.

In seeking a stalking order against Valdez, McEntee, who has more than 30 years experience in emergency care and is the former head of the Wilton-Lyndeborough Ambulance Service, testified that Valdez threatened to kill them, even after they administered Haldol to calm her down. The request was denied, and Judge Martha Crocker said the attacks were not personal and Valdez likely would have attacked anyone.

Attorneys for Valdez, who has been arrested numerous times on assault, resisting arrest, violation of bail and other charges since the Memorial Day incident, had said their client is a hard-working, postgraduate law student whose actions stem from an “emotional and mental meltdown” complicated by subsequent attempts to balance her medications.

A probable cause hearing is scheduled for today, Thursday, Feb. 6, at 1 p.m., in Milford district court.

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