Milford’s Great Brook condo directors ousted

MILFORD – Owners at the Great Brook Condominiums succeeded Monday night in removing three members of the complex’s board of directors.

Another director, Daniel Valuzzi, was not removed, but chose to resign and will be replaced at a later date.

The Feb. 10 meeting, held in the VFW Hall to accommodate many of the 96 unit owners, was organized through a petition drive by a group of owners who maintain that the board supports a project manager who engages in aggressive and unfair fining practices and targets owners who criticized her.

Elected to the five-
person board were Karen Nestor, Cheryl Dada and Rich MacDonald.

Janet Batts, one of the directors voted off the board, said she thought the conflict between unit owners and management “all came down to personalities.”

There was no favoritism on the part of the board and management, Batts said.

“We were just following the law,” Batts said, and Cal Davison and her firm, Cardiff Management of Brookline, “did a really good job” since they were hired in the mid-2000s, she said, when the complex was “a mess.”

The other two ousted directors, Robert Geisenhainer and Ruth Meyers, could not be reached for comment.

Asked in an email whether she would like to comment, Davison replied “No.”

Moderating the meeting and counting the ballots was William Gillmeister, of Brookfield, Mass., a registered parliamentarian hired by the condo association’s attorney.

Two unit owners observed the voting process.

The group who led the recall effort says Davison has manipulated past meetings to keep board members she favored in office.

State Rep. Ruth Heden, D-Milford, also attended the meeting.

Walter Swanbon, a unit owner who had filed suit in superior court to keep Davison from interfering with the Feb. 10 meeting, said that while the judge did not make a decision, the board of directors agreed to allow the meeting to be videotaped and agreed to allow the group to see the complex’s financial records.

Swanbon said Gillmeister announced that there were 77 votes altogether, including proxy votes, with about 12 votes disallowed.

Gillmeister could not be reached as of press time. Nestor said the tallies were overwhelmingly in favor of the recall and said she is “looking forward to moving in a positive direction that is beneficial to all.”

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