Is there an Amherst solution to Milford playing fields problem?

MILFORD – Earlier this year, Brad Knight failed to interest the Amherst Selectmen in a plan for the town to lease his playing fields on Amherst’s Stearns Road.

Recently, the Amherst resident was in Milford pitching a similar plan to Milford Selectmen.

Knight owns a 60-acre property on Stearns Road in Amherst that he would like to see used for sports, but the Amherst Planning Board has blocked his proposals, saying the use would be commercial.

So on Feb. 10, Knight went to the Milford Selectmen to propose a plan for Milford to lease the land for $1 to allow Milford teams to use the fields, with fees from events going to Milford.

Both Milford and Amherst have a shortage of playing fields, but Amherst Selectmen have told Knight they are not interesting in renting the land.

Milford Selectmen told Knight they need to talk about the proposal, according to the meeting minutes, and Selectmen and Town Administrator Guy Scaife seemed uneasy with the idea of doing something the Amherst boards will not do.

Knight was accompanied by two directors of the Milford Community Athletic Association and Kevin Doyle, MCAA director, told the board the current emphasis on concussion prevention means it’s more important to keep the turf in good shape.

Town officials are also concerned that cleanup of the Fletcher Superfund site will make Keyes Field unusable for a time.

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