Mont Vernon’s Alex Philbrick, aka Alex Preston, makes it to American Idol’s Top 13

From auditions to Hollywood Week to live television, Mont Vernon’s Alex Philbrick, aka Alex Preston, keeps moving forward. On Thursday, Feb. 20, the American Idol contestant made it into the Top 13.

Performing on national television for America’s vote for the first time on Wednesday was a crazy experience for 21-year-old Preston.

“I was pretty nervous, but I was more excited,” Preston said.

He said that the most nerve-wracking part was knowing everyone was watching him. “If you made one mistake, everyone would see it,” Preston said.

Preston was right – everyone was watching him, and according to several blogs and websites, they liked what they saw. Many cited his performance as the best of the night.

Idol judge Keith Urban said Preston had “the best song choice of the night.”

Preston said that he’s looking forward to what happens next, and he hopes to make it to the Top 10 so that he can go on the “American Idol” tour.

“That’s the dream,” Preston said.

Preston said that he, of course, dreams of going further. Even if Idol doesn’t work out for him, he said he will move to Los Angeles and continue with music. The University of New Hampshire student also hopes to finish school and earn his degree.

“For now, I’ll keep deferring but I definitely want to go back,” Preston said.

Preston said he loves the Idol life, but knows it’s an opportunity to be grateful. He also knows how quickly it can all go away.

“Whatever happens, happens,” Preston said. “I’m gonna keep doing me until I get voted off or if I make it all the way.”

To help Preston become the next American Idol watch Fox on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 p.m. and follow the show’s voting instructions.

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