The 3 Wilton Selectmen candidates

WILTON – Three political newcomers have filed for the open seat on the Wilton Board of Selectmen: Sandra Fischer, Eric Parsons and Douglas Whitney.

There is only one other contested race on this year’s ballot, for a seat on the Sewer Commission. Incumbent Thomas Schultz is challenged by Director of Public Works Steve Elliott.

A candidates’ night will be held at 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 4, in the Town Hall Courtroom. All candidates for town and school offices have been invited to speak.

Whitney, 50, is a Wilton native and has lived most of his life in town. He served with the Wilton Ambulance Service for 15 years and five years with Milford. He spent 20 years working in the electronics industry. Currently on disability, he is working two days a week with the Odd Fellows, to which he has belonged for 30 years, in the state office, “taking care of the day-to-day operation.”

He said he wanted to continue to volunteer to serve the town, and “when Dan Donovan said he wasn’t going to run, I saw a place to volunteer again.”

Whitney sees a need to improve the emergency services, he said, those needed when there is a natural emergency, such as a flood or a storm and people need shelter.

Now that the new fire station has been completed, he said, “Selectmen need to take a more cooperative approach, look at the financial aspects. We need more organization and leadership.”

Sandra Fischer and her husband, Jim, have lived on Abbott Hill Road for the past 16 years. She is a graduate of Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston with a bachelor of science degree in architectural engineering.

“I spent 20 years in engineering,” she said, “and then started my own graphic design business, Kritical I, about 12 years ago. I want to be a part of Wilton where I haven’t been. I see some issues I’d like to look at – economic growth, create some vitality in the community, improve the infrastructure.”

She said, “I’d try to talk to as many people as I can, try to find out what people’s concerns are, try to find those places we can do something about. Wilton can only do so much, so let’s see what we can accomplish together. I know that’s a big audacious goal.

“I’d like to get people talking to each other, understanding what the town needs,” Fischer added. “We’d all like a steady, if not lower, tax rate. We need to bring in more business.”

The new fire station, she said, “is a positive step, and work planned on the bridges,” like the one at Frye’s Measure Mill. “The fire and police departments have to keep up,” with current trends to “keep the residents safe.”

She is running, Fischer said, “because the time is right and I have the time to do it.”

Eric Parsons did not return phone calls for this story.