Letter on Milford’s Brox property lacks understanding

To the Editor:

Tom Gardner’s recent letter to the editor relative to the Milford Selectmen’s support of Article 21, which will reauthorize the Selectmen’s ability to sell gravel material from the Brox property, is off base, unsupported by facts and insulting, not only to the Board of Selectmen, but also to every employee and citizen whose time and effort has been given to the research and planning of this property since the late 1990s.

A site master plan, setting out specific future town uses of the property has been in place since 2004. That master plan was crafted with significant public input and is again being updated by the Brox Community Land Master Plan Committee; a group consisting of members from the MCAA (Milford Community Athletic Association,) Conservation Commission and the Planning Department.

Engineering analysis was completed in 2005 detailing the gravel material present on the property, outlining the feasibility and path for such a project. Any gravel removal will be consistent with the master plan and would proceed only after a specific gravel removal plan is developed and reviewed by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services and the Planning Board.

Traffic, access, restoration and site specific details will be reviewed through this process. If the project is not profitable, it will not proceed. This is not an open-ended process; the Selectmen are proceeding with a specific plan that has been in the works for years.

When the voters approved the Brox property purchase, they were promised that material could be sold to help pay back the $1.9 million it has cost the taxpayers for this property. The selectmen are looking to keep this promise.