Vote for Carol Holden for Amherst checklist supervisor

To the Editor:

I would strongly encourage all Amherst voters to support Carol Holden for Supervisor of the Checklist.

Carol knows election law inside and out and she had a role in drafting some of these laws when she was a state representative. Carol will ensure the rules and regulations surrounding voter registration and elections are applied correctly and fairly.

As she stated during the candidates’ forum, she is in favor of enforcing current election law so that we know who is voting in Amherst.

That seems quite reasonable, yet, her opponent seemed to indicate that she doesn’t have much use for recently passed Voter ID legislation. We need to show ID for many transactions we conduct on a daily basis. It is not unreasonable to expect that ID be shown in order to be given a ballot. Carol realizes the importance of ballot integrity and fair elections and will apply her skills and knowledge to the position of Supervisor of the Checklist.

Please vote for Carol Holden on March 11.