Lyndeborough town administrator resigns

LYNDEBOROUGH – Selectmen have announced the resignation of Lyndeborough Town Administrator Kate Thorndike.

She has been on medical leave since last May when she suffered an aneurism, which required emergency surgery. She had held the position since June 2012 when Burton Reynolds retired.

Thorndike assisted with the preparation of this year’s town report hoping it would prove that she could work back into the position, but decided that she could not at this time and needed to move on for the good of the town.

In a statement released by the town office, the Board of Selectmen stated its appreciation for Thorndike’s “professionalism and leadership that she brought to this position.”

Reynolds has been serving as interim administrator and he said he would continue in that position until a new person is hired, “hopefully by the end of April.” Because of other commitments, Reynolds said he cannot continue in the position full time.

The position has been advertised.