Mont Vernon’s Alex Preston receives ‘amazing messages’ about his ‘American Idol’ performances

With his growing fan base and climbing number of Twitter followers, Mont Vernon’s Alex Philbrick, aka Alex Preston, will surely draw crowds as he performs with his fellow American Idol contestants this summer.

He secured himself a spot in the nationwide tour last week and the movement keeps growing, as he made it to the Top 9 on Thursday, March 20.

Preston said he has been enjoying having fans and he appreciates everyone who’s supporting him. He now has more than 31,000 followers on Twitter and more than 36,000 on Instagram.

“It literally means the world to me,” Preston said. “I’m getting some pretty amazing messages that have really touched my heart.”

One message he mentioned was a tweet that was directed at him March 13. It read, “Thought I’d let you know you’ve inspired me and I haven’t self-harmed in one week.”

Preston said he was shocked that he had that kind of effect on people. He said many others have told him that his music is inspiring them as well. Many Twitter followers are tweeting at him saying that his music helps them make sense of their lives.

Others simply show their adoration for him. Tweets read, “Forever in love with Alex Preston,” “Alex Preston sing me to sleep,” “I’m in love with Alex Preston’s voice,” “Alex Preston is one of the best singers I’ve heard on American Idol,” “Alex Preston is pure perfection,” and more. While most of these tweets are from female fans, many guys tweet support for Preston as well.

Several fan accounts also have been made for Preston. These people have dedicated their Twitter feeds to him and use the site as a platform to promote and support him by encouraging others to vote for him on “Idol.” Preston said he can’t believe he has fans who are already so dedicated.

Preston also has celebrity fans who have been tweeting their support for the 20-year-old singer. Preston said Kevin Jonas tweeted “Alex Preston to take it” on Feb. 20. Preston said it is very encouraging to have the support of celebrities, especially musicians.

Preston also has also received support from Gavin DeGraw, actor Amy Davidson and his cousin and country music singer, Jo Dee Messina. Many TV personalities and Internet celebrities have tweeted their support as well. U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H., took to Twitter to tell her followers to vote for Preston.

Preston said he likes having fans and enjoys sharing his music with others. He said fans’ gestures and words can be surprising at times, but that he’s glad to be making an impact on people.

“It’s really cool to have that effect on people,” Preston said.

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