Milford ZBA appointment challenged

MILFORD – Suzanne Fournier told Milford selectmen recently she objects to what she calls “rezoning” by the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

Fournier said this year the board allowed a coffee shop in an industrial zone and also allowed “a new large commercial facility” on Nashua Street, referring to the new Milford Medical Center building that will replace the current structure on Nashua Street.

Fournier spoke at the selectmen’s March 24 meeting during the re-appointment of Fletcher Seagroves to the ZBA, saying under his chairmanship, the board’s decisions “violate the spirit and intent” of the zoning codes.

Town officials defended Seagroves and the ZBA.

“When the ZBA grants relief with a special exception or a variance, they are not rezoning,” said Selectman Kathy Bauer, a longtime ZBA member who is now on the Planning Board.

The applicants “have to meet strong conditions,” she said. “If the whole board agrees that they meet the conditions for a special exception, it will receive that relief.”

Scaife joins in

Town Administrator Guy Scaife objected to the complaints about Seagroves, calling them “out of place,” because the decisions are made by the entire board.

Bauer said Seagroves should be commended for his service to the town and that night, selectmen reappointed him as a full member of the board.

The coffee shop will be a 9 Powers St., in an industrial zone. On Jan. 16, the board voted 4-1 to allow it. Applicant Cyndi Nute said the shop will serve the residents and workers in the area.

Fournier heads a small group called Brox Environmental Citizens that’s been lobbying for more conservation at the town-owned Brox property.