Brox Property buy a good idea

It was a very good idea, 15 years ago, for Milford voters to approve the purchase of the Brox Property.

Here’s just one reason to think so: playing fields.

Given all the problems Amherst is having finding space for kids to participate in sports, it’s reassuring to know that Milford has Brox and will probably soon begin to build fields.

And we expect Milford’s fields will be well used, given how many kids participate in local sports, usually through the Milford Community Athletic Association, which has been around for years.

You know, though, if someone had said, when the Brox purchase was being discussed, “Well, we won’t really do much with it for 15 years,” there would have been howls about wasting taxpayers’ money.

But now it looks like a brilliant move and will be especially viewed that way when the northern half is developed into tax-ratable industrial and commercial businesses. And one day, far into the future, there will likely be a new school, fire station and cemetery in the southern community lands section.

They are a long way away, but it’s nice to know Milford has the land set aside for it.