Milford supports parade funding

MILFORD – Residents in March 11 voted by an overwhelming margin to support the town Labor Day Parade, but would they want to support it permanently?

The question came up last week when Jerry Guthrie, of the town’s Labor Day Parade Committee, asked selectmen last week if parade funding could be put into the town budget next year, so the committee doesn’t have to rely on a petition article.

But Chairman Gary Daniels said the board tries to keep in the budget only those items essential to the running of the town.

“This is the first year the town actually supported” the parade, he said. “so on the side of caution, we might put it on the warrant for a couple more years to see if” that support continues.

Daniels also noted that if voters reject the budget and selectmen are left with a default budget, all nonessentials, including the parade funding, could be cut.

The vote on Ballot Question 20, a petition article for $5,000, was 1,210 to 527. Another ballot question, $6,000 for the Labor Day and Veterans and Memorial Day parades, also passed by a large margin.